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News 2018-05-10 13:08:07

WeDevGames is inviting all new and old Ragnarok players to explore the all-new chaos server this coming June 16, 2018. The server prepared new features that make your gaming experience enjoyable and fun!


The new in-game feature includes:

Roulette System is a game system where you can be rewarded with some cool items using roulette coin. Achievement System is a system where the player can complete in exchange for titles and reward.



Image 1: Sample Roulette System


Image 2: Achievement System


VIP system or so-called Premium System, wherein you can experience additional opportunity inside the game like an increase rate percentage in experience gain and decrease death rate, item drop rate, and open unlocked character slot and inventory slot.

New registered player can receive freebies such as costumes, EXP materials, and boosters, and new commands included for different types of players in-game.

In addition, all players are entitled with one login reward per day that can be received automatically inside Rodex mail NPC, this is where all in-game item rewards are inserted automatically by the system or manually by the Game Masters and Game Administrators.


Image 3: Rodex Mail Login NPC


New added community events:

GM live stream is included with the use of twitch channel for both community events and news advisory.

For community engagement, WeDevGames offer a partnership system which provides players to obtain private access to exclusive in-game commands offer that can be equivalent to mini GM command for their own in-game events, cool right? But that's not it, the new partnership system also offers exclusive NPC access grants and additional experience gain to their in-game characters.

WeDevGames player's in-game lobby will be provided where you and your friends have the chance to stream your game or shout-cast during tournaments. Freebies or compensation will be given away to those active streamers, and before you became part of the partnership system, you should agree with the rules, e.g. disable party invites, provided by the administrator to avoid unwanted behavior in-game and during the live stream process.


Server Settings:

Another way to start the fun is with the classic server, all items and monsters included on Episode 4: War of Emperium, wherein, the basic experience (EXP) rate is X10 and when death comes to you, your EXP will decrease 2% of your base EXP.

Looting is more challenging due to its common monster drop rate of x5 except cards and MVP monster drops as x1 rate, but the game gave character additional chance to loot items because of the additional 0.01% Luck (LUK) status.


There are scheduled drop-rate changes in-game from time to time that helps player to level up faster, guild tax is set from 0 to 5% rate, skills from special characters are changed to help player play smoothly such as Body Relocation skill of monk characters will no longer dodge any damage, Song and Dance skills of dancer and bard will not be cancelled during weapon exchange that can change the gameplay experience of the player that makes the game more exciting.

The most essential part of the game is each account is accountable with one (3) character slots, which helps you maintain your characters

To know more about the new patch episode, see this link provided: