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PATCH NOTE 08-14-2018

Information 2018-08-14 21:07:47

We are going to conduct a server maintenance today. Server will resume after 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Added Dark Sword Scroll in the item mall worth 300RP.
  • Added 10RP reward in completing Thaddeus quest.
  • Holy Cross damage increased by 100% when using Two-Handed Spear.
  • Land Mine, Blast Mine and Claymore traps damage is now set to revo-classic.
  • Lowering the price of Loyal Costume box in the item mall including the chance rate of rare items.
  • Guild Rewards has been implemented.
  • Weekly Streak will be every Monday.
  • Monthly Agit Lord will be every first day of the month.
  • Added Black Marketeer (Buy Licenses - Non-Merchant Classes in payon.
  • Added Purchasing Team (Learn Skill - Merchant Classes) in alberta mechant quest location.
  • Added Neuralizer Box in the item mall.
  • Added Costume Box in the item mall.
  • Updated the quest costume requirements.
  • Increased the item requirements of Beginner Quest Book and added new quest.
  • Added Return Package for those who are not being online for 7 days and above.
  • Added New Clothing Dye Coupon in Beginner Quest #15.
  • Poring Egg rewards has been removed in Quest Book.
  • Fixed the Ear Muff quest.
  • Added Note Headphone in the crafter.
  • Added a new currency called Glory Points.
  • Added a Glory Points shop where guild leader can avail guild supplies.
  • Removed the Universal npc.
  • Added weekly and monthly guild rankings.
  • Dancer Scream skill is no longer affected by A Poem of Bragi.
  • Fixed NPC bug in rentals.