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PATCH NOTE 07-02-2018

Patch Note 2018-07-02 17:37:30
We are going to conduct a server maintenance today. Server will resume after 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Enabling 20% discount in premium access from July 2,2018 until July 8,2018.
  • Added a schedule for War of Emperium. Only 1 castle will be opened every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Conquered castle from WOE BETA will reset. 
  • Midgard Officer rewards has been upgraded.
  • Added Roulette Coin in the item mall.
  • Upgraded the Daily Login.
  • Added some changes in @sp command.
  • Removed the Hourly Points System.
  • Newbie Sign Hat price increased by 50%.
  • Classic White and Blue Potion can now be stored.
  • You can now earn up to 300 loyal points to Thaddeus.
  • Thaddeus exp reward has been increased.
  • Added a price hike in Loyal Shop.
  • Midgard Officer has been updated.