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PATCH NOTE 06-26-2018

News 2018-06-26 21:26:53
We are going to conduct a server maintenance today. Server will resume after 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Normal monster card is set to .05%.
  • Added 100 Loyal Points item as a reward for each castle conquered in the "War of Emperium".
  • Added Classic White Potion Box and Classic Blue Potion Box in the Loyal Shop.
  • Changed the location of item mall beside the payon Kafra Employee.
  • Siege Potion weight changed from 7 to 2.
  • Added 10% item mall discount to partner and premium accounts.
  • Premium accounts will no longer use any gemstones in their skills.
  • Change some item descriptions and scripts like PecoPeco Hairband.
  • Insect monsters will now detect invisible characters.
  • Removing the Payon Maiden.
  • Added Battle Manual and Bubble Gum in the Loyal Shop.
  • Added a new headgear quest.
    • Red Ribbon
    • Indian Headband
    • Mushroom Band
    • Model Training Hat
    • Tulip Hairpin
    • Orc Hero Helmet
  • Removing the Trade and Recruit channel since its not being used properly.

Daily Login Reward(June 27,2018 ~ July 3,2018)

  • 10pcs LV10 Agil Scroll
  • 10pcs LV10 Blessing Scroll
  • 5pcs Megaphone
  • Loyal Points Random(1 ~ 100)