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These are the changes or patches that we added in the classic server for the month of September 2018.


  • Added channel announcement in Battle Arena every time a player entered the game.
  • Fixed the saved data in Battle Arena when you tried to go out.
  • Enabling Body Relocation in Battle Arena.


  • Bringing back the Battle Arena Solo and added 1 War Badge as reward for winner only.
  • Eliminating a previous opponent in a new match will no longer receive a war badge to avoid feeding, etc.


  • Referral System
    • Receive 10 wallet when the referred person accepted the request.
    • Referrer will receive 5% amount of wallet every time the referred person will TOPUP.


  • Battle Arena
    • Will no longer increase your SP when starting a match.
    • Disabled some potions that recover HP.
    • Disabled all cards that give a percentage increase in HP.
    • Cards that give Cloaking and Hiding skills are disabled.
  • Crafter
    • Update the item requirements for Ninja Scroll, Pirate Dagger and Gentlemen's Pipe.
    • Added new costumes.
    • Added indication if the item is bounded or not.
  • War of Emperium
    • Added Costume Fragment Box as a reward.
  • New Items
    • Fragment Box - Contains a random Fragment that can be traded for bounded items.
    • Letter Challenge Box - Contains a random Letter Challenge.
  • Monsters
    • Added Letter Challenge Box to all MVP monsters with 25% drop rate.


  • Fixed the missing quest in lutie.
  • Added @dltime for daily login time monitoring.
  • Player who been killed in LMS map will be warped as soon as possible.
  • Disabling to join in the events while chatting or vending.
  • Fragment Box and Letter Challenge Box are now available in Liza npc where you can use War Badge to purchase the item.


  • Episode 7 - City of the Dead, Nifflheim
    • New maps and monsters.
    • Added OBB Quest.
    • Added God Items Seal Quest.
    • Added Wandering Minstrel Quest.
  • Party
    • Idle party members for 5 minute or autotrade will no longer receive an exp.
  • War of Emperium
    • New schedule Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 9PM - 10PM GMT+8
    • 2 different castles weekly with alternate date.
    • Agits will be Prontera and Geffen.
    • Active Agits has been reset.
    • Alliance has been disabled.


  • Autotrade is now set to 12 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • You can only use autotrade command in town such as Prontera, Payon.


  • Added a new npc called "Costume Collector" who trade loyal points to costume box rewards.
  • Corrected the Doppelganger Card to avoid confusion.
  • Main town will be relocate to prontera.
  • Autotrade is available only in prontera town.
  • Upgraded Crafter npc with more quest.
  • Change the item needed for the last part of the Beginner Quest Book.

2018-10-01 16:38:42
PATCH NOTE 07-18-2018

We are going to conduct a server maintenance today. Server will resume after 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Adding Race to 99 Event.
  • A part of Juno, the forgotten era (Ragnarok Episode 5) has been implemented.
  • Juno Town, dungeons, fields have been added.
  • 2nd alternative (or 2-2) jobs have been implemented.
  • Boss monsters have become more powerful.
  • Hode has changed to a non-aggressive monster and does not recognize magic casting any longer.
  • Monster placement in fields, and dungeons have been changed.
  • Elder Willow and Scorpion have been changed to aggressive monsters.
  • Players can purchase Glistening Coat Creation Guide and Condensed Potion Creation Guide from the Alchemist Guild.
  • Adding costume box in the loyal shop.
  • Added a ONCE A MONTH status reset located at prontera(156,283).
  • Premium Accounts will now receive auto buffs and can access @regen until level 80.
  • Added new dungeon warps in the Premium Kafra Warper.
  • Added Gangster Scarf and Helm of Darkness in the item mall headgear's.
  • Added Blessing Scroll Box and Agi Scroll Box in the Item mall convenient and loyal shop.

Battle Arena

  • Added a new server.
  • Disabled the warp and teleport skills.
  • Fixed the Battle Arena pvp status after reload.
  • Marc Card will become 75% freeze resistance if you are inside the Battle Arena.
  • Phen Card effect will be disabled in Battle Arena.
  • You can now use @joinarena in able to access anywhere.
  • You will now return to your old location after the match.
  • Lower HP will now declared as loss and higher hp as winner.
  • Most of the potions will no longer used in Battle Arena including other resistance cards.


  • Changed @cp to @regen where you can have a 30 minutes 200 HP and 30 SP regeneration every seconds. Effective only for level 50 or below characters.


  • Added Race to 99 Event where you can get Costume Flying Angel Wing, 1,000 Rok Points and 2,000,000 Zeny.
  • Event will start in July 18,2018 and will end on July 25, 2018.

2018-07-18 00:14:40